Trust me, bro.

I'm an Advisoor. $RIA

$RIA is a meme cryptocurrency with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return, created for entertainment purposes only.


$RIA Token
Trust me, bro

$RIA Advises Hard

The Best Tech, Fr, Fr

No thanks.
We block chain.

Crypto and the bitcoins are tempting, but Advisoors choose block chain technology. It's new tech.

$RIA Lifestyle

Diversity Committed

Whether you were born into, or chose a popular heritage later in life, $RIA holders enjoy access to an exclusive circle.

2/20? How about 24/7

24/7 Risk Management

Our spreadsheets always stay tucked in.
Wet dreams don't stop Advisoors from maximizing your Sharpe ratio and meeting your investoor needs.

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Using the latest in Business applicatons

$RIA Tokenomics

$RIA Token
Tot Supply: 1,000,000,000
Buy/Sell Tax: 0.00%
LP: 100% Burned
CA: Renounced

Who needs Miami when you have Connecticut

Darien, CT f*cks

Nestled by the shore, in a sea of technical fleece vests, Advisoors get access to superior brunching, pickle ball, hug rooms, vegan BBQ, morning DEI class, and more.

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Disclaimer: $RIA is a satirical meme coin with absolutely no intrinsic value. $RIA should not be considered as any kind of financial or investment product. Nothing on this website should be construed as any kind of financial advice. We're here to laugh, rock based fleece vests, and live the Advisoor life. Trust me, bro.

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